Tool Organization

Tool Organization
  • Custom Foam Tool Kits

    Using tool outline foam in your toolbox or tool drawers can help you better organize your tools for increased productivity. Foam Tool Kits come with two pieces of durable, closed-cell foam in two high-contrasting colors so you quickly notice when tools... More details

    Custom Foam Tool Kits

  • Custom Thick Foam Tool Organizers

    Want to keep your tools organized and easy to find? Thick Tool foam can be cut to fit your tools and your toolbox to keep your workspace organized. Thick Tool Foam Organizers are made from a cross-link, closed-cell foam that’s durable and easy to... More details

    Custom Thick Foam Tool Organizers

  • Custom Foam Drawer Liners

    Create your own long-lasting custom drawer liners or foam shadow boards with our Foam Tool Kits. Tool Foam Kits are a quick and easy to customize, organize, and protect your tools. Features Same as Foam Tool Kits, but without the secondary/bottom... More details

    Custom Foam Drawer Liners

  • Long Foam Utility Blade

    With its retractable, disposable razor-sharp segmented blades, this tough utility knife is useful for cutting our Thick Foam Tool Organizers for 5S and lean programs. *Included with each "Thick Foam Tool Organizer" 2'x2' & 2'x4' purchase. More details

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    Long Foam Utility Blade

  • Tool Outline Vinyl

    Perfect for 5S, Kaizen, Lean, and Six Sigma. Every tool has it's place! You can quickly and easily create your own tool outlines for shadow boarding with our custom Tool Outline Vinyl. Shadow boarding is an effective way to communicate the proper... More details

    Tool Outline Vinyl

  • Industrial Foam Hot Knife

    This industrial quality Foam Hot Knife Cuts styrofoam, plank and soft foam. For custom size packaging applications, Tool Cut-outs, and more. Pre-heats in 15 seconds. Adjustable temperature control - up to 1000°F. 4" straight alloy blade included... More details

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    Industrial Foam Hot Knife

  • Heavy Duty Hot Knife

    This 130 watt, heavy-duty hot knife cuts foam, EIFS, ICF, nylon rope, webbing, synthetic fabric and plastic. Use it for sculpting candles, foam or other craft materials. Adjustable cutting depth from 3-3/4" to 5-7/16" Knife heats-through quickly for... More details

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    Heavy Duty Hot Knife

  • Foamboard Cutter

    This easy to use Foamboard Straight/Bevel Cutter combines economy and versatility in one. Simply rotate the angled base block and Model WC-6010 transforms from a straight cutter to a bevel cutter. Features include adjustable blade depth, ergonomic handle... More details

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    Foamboard Cutter