Custom Foam Drawer Liners

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Custom Foam Drawer Liners
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    Create your own long-lasting custom drawer liners or foam shadow boards with our Foam Tool Kits. Tool Foam Kits are a quick and easy to customize, organize, and protect your tools.


    • Same as Foam Tool Kits, but without the secondary/bottom sheet
    • Thickness: 1/2”
    • Constructed from 4lb/cubic ft. cross-link, closed-cell foam
    • Includes foam cutting knife

    Durable Foam

    Foam Drawer Liners are made from cross-link, closed-cell foam that can withstand continual use.

    Easy Install Foam

    Easy to Install

    Cut the foam with a utility knife or hot knife and place the sheet in your drawer.

    Custom Foam Drawer Liners

    Custom Foam Drawer Liners