Custom Foam Tool Kit 27x36

Custom Foam Tool Kit 27x36


2 Piece Foam for Making Custom Tool Kits 27"x36"

Create your own long-lasting custom drawer liners or foam shadow boards with our Foam Tool Kits. These 2-peice foam organizers are easy to cut to size as well as cut tool outlines from, and the bright secondary foam (yellow or red) shows through the tool outline cut from the primary foam, providing a high contrast to draw awareness to missing tools.

• Dimensions: 27" x 36" (1/2" thick 'primary', 1/4" thick 'secondary')

• Available Color Combinations: Black/Yellow, Black/Red, Blue/Yellow, Blue/Red

• 4lb per cubic ft cross-link closed cell foam

• Extremely durable, yet easy to cut
• Contamination resistant


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